Kimberley's Kitchen is committed to contributing to the community and environment. It has been important to me that my business makes as little negative impact as possible, and contributes positively to local, Canadian, and ethical suppliers. I have sourced compostable "plastic" bags made in Canada that cost up to 10 times the price of plastic bags imported from Asia. I have not passed on this added cost to my customers but feel that it is part of doing good business. If you have other ideas for me, please let me know.

Donations and Fundraising:
Contributing funds to the Tiny Bundles program for the Share Foodbank, Coquitlam, BC
Molly Campbell fundraiser
Donated items to several community fundraisers - interested in a donation?
Please email Kimberley at

Sustainable ingredients and packaging:
Organic, Fair Trade vanilla beans, cocoa, coffee and chocolate
Organic fruit, nuts and coconut

Whenever possible, ingredients and products are sourced from Canadian suppliers

Compostable bags
Recycled and recyclable paper bags and boxes
Twine and ribbon made in North America
Recyclable tags, label, paper twist ties
Recycled and recyclable shipping cartons and packing materials


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